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Teacup Series #3: glass.
Glass tea wares can be super useful during summer, when it becomes a necessity to give up good old hot cup of tea and switch to iced tea.. Even though this year’s summer is almost over, I’m still into cold-brewed iced teas!
Even during other seasons, glass teacups can be a good addition for a teacup collection since its clear color goes with any type of tea :-) The glass teacup on the right with etched flower patterns was a random find from eBay, and other colored teacups are from Teavana. When having iced tea, a glass that has a bit of height is good for holding both liquid and ice, and my favorite is double-walled glass from de Longhi!
I mainly use two ways of making iced tea… One way is making regular hot tea (but super strong) then pouring it onto a pile of ice, and another is cold brewing. The two-tiered glass pot in the back is from Tea Forte, and this one is specifically meant for my first method. The top level is for hot tea, and the bottom is for the ice! For cold brewing, I use the Handi Cooler from Lupicia (which is holding tea in the picture), and this is the method I mostly use.. I just put tea leaves in the room-temperature water, put it on the counter for an hour or two, then put it in the fridge for later that day or the day after. Lupicia’s Handi Cooler has a strainer insert for easy removal of tea leaves, which makes it perfect for a lazy person like me :-p
If you are wondering why there is a coffee server in the middle of the picture, well.. I got it as a replacement for my old Hario glass teapot! I’m a big fan of glass teapots because they can be paired well with pretty much any type of teacups, and I especially loved Hario teapot because of its both amazing quality and low price. However, from my terrible handling, the pot was chipped, and tea stain was starting to set on that rough surface… So for a change, I was looking for a quality glass teapot with a different design, but after a long search online, I ended up coming back to Hario.. :-p As far as I know all of Hario teapots have very similar designs, therefore I decided to go for a coffee server instead, which pretty much does the same thing as a teapot in my book..
Tea wares in use:
Tea Forte iced tea maker / de Longhi glass / etched teacup
If you are wondering what my old Hario teapot looked like here's a picture.
And even though it’s not strictly a teacup, you can also use champagne glass for tea soda (which you can make by cold brewing any tea leaves in soda)!
Do you have a pic of your teacups? I just started my collection and I'm obsessing over your pics. Thanks!

Hello styledirectornd,

Thank you for visiting my Tumblr! Most of my teacups are still boxed up because I recently moved to a new place, but I will try to post a picture soon ^^; I will probably take a picture of the ones I have out in the kitchen first, then slowly take pictures of others as I unpack..

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Anonymous asked:
What is your favourite sort of tea?

Wow, I didn’t know I had a message in the inbox! I hope it hasn’t been sitting here for too long… I’m sorry if you sent in the question long time ago… :-(

I drink pretty much all kinds of tea — black, white, green, rooibos, etc… However, the one I’m really into these days is houjicha, which is roasted Japanese green tea. I found out about it when I was visiting Tokyo several years ago, as the small hotel I was staying at served it in the morning. The brew time is about 1-2 minutes, which makes it super easy to prepare, and I especially like Lupicia’s sakura flavored blending!

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