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Do you have a pic of your teacups? I just started my collection and I'm obsessing over your pics. Thanks!

Hello styledirectornd,

Thank you for visiting my Tumblr! Most of my teacups are still boxed up because I recently moved to a new place, but I will try to post a picture soon ^^; I will probably take a picture of the ones I have out in the kitchen first, then slowly take pictures of others as I unpack..

Kusmi. St Petersburg.
Anonymous asked:
What is your favourite sort of tea?

Wow, I didn’t know I had a message in the inbox! I hope it hasn’t been sitting here for too long… I’m sorry if you sent in the question long time ago… :-(

I drink pretty much all kinds of tea — black, white, green, rooibos, etc… However, the one I’m really into these days is houjicha, which is roasted Japanese green tea. I found out about it when I was visiting Tokyo several years ago, as the small hotel I was staying at served it in the morning. The brew time is about 1-2 minutes, which makes it super easy to prepare, and I especially like Lupicia’s sakura flavored blending!

C+M. Matcha Shakerato.